I’m trying to make it to the top and you want to bring me down- Jackline spits fire at haters

Jackline Mensah has released her toxin on Twitter people and bloggers for setting her up for disparage over a remark she made as of late in a meeting.

The TikTok star said she was misquoted on the grounds that the genuine point of the message was misconstrued to adjust to the publicity norms of bloggers and Twitter clients.

This was after it was broadly revealed that the skitmaker has said she won’t ever date a person who takes a business vehicle, referred to locally as Trotro.

She responded with a video saying, “It’s almost 3 am in the morning, and I haven’t slept. The main reason is that there’s fake news circulating that I said I wouldn’t date who uses public transport. Fine. Let’s even say I said that, what can you do about it? Nothing, because it’s my opinion.”

“If you will quote me, quote me right. Why would you go around making fake headlines so people would come on your page and engage, throw shades and insult me? So picking on somebody who is relevant to society. Somebody who is trying to make it to the top, you just want to use a day to bring that person down. God is watching you all.

“Let me tell you something, you are not God. You didn’t make me. God knew the plans he had for me. That is why I’m where I’m today.”

“If it’s just Tik Tok star keke, do it and let’s see. You wish I was your sister. You even wish you were from my family. So do it, and let’s see. We are trying to put Ghana on the map. I don’t even know you all. You are so full of pain and hatred,” she concluded.

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