Slay Queen Diana Asamoah is Spiritually Weak – Big Akwes

Notable Kumawood entertainer Enormous Akwes has depicted gospel craftsman and minister Evangelist Diana Asamoah as a Kill Sovereign artiste.

As per Enormous Akwes, Evangelist Diana Asamoah has joined the kill sovereign geng and is presently zeroing in on the patterns in the general public which has extinguished her otherworldliness.

During a conversation on Joined Showbiz, Enormous Akwes responded to the new way of life of Diana Asamoah. As per him, he is stunned at the unexpected change in mentality and character of the artist which has made her influence away from her convictions.

Enormous Akwes added that Diana Asamoah’s new way of life has urged her to blanch her skin. He stressed that the appearance of the gospel artist has changed.

“Diana Asamoah has changed drastically. When she started she started so well and was serving the lord but now everything including her complexion has changed. The heels she condemned, makeup, and other things have changed.

“Spiritually she has also changed. Now she is looking at always being in the trends. So she does things to ensure that people talk about her. She learned that from the pastors she has been with. Now she is a slay queen artiste,” he said.

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