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The right way to tell your story is through film – Akofa Edjeani

Akofa Edjeani, a producer, Dish Africanist, and chief of the Ghana Culture Gathering, has said that motion pictures are an incredible method for people to tell their stories.

It is consistently to your greatest advantage to tell “your story yourself since, supposing that you pass on it to others to do it for them, they will turn it and misshape it to lean toward themselves,” she said.

She told have Eunice Toryni of e.tv Ghana’s ‘African Ladies’ Voices,’ “So you need to tell your own story since you will be honest and you will know how to communicate it better than any other individual. With regards to recounting our story, film is the best and moral choice.

The pioneer masters, she guarantees, would frequently utilize movies to instruct their subjects.

She explained how the medium of cinema was used to influence viewers’ behavior: “They utilized film to educate us how to sip tea, how to dress, or what to wear, and till today, we’re still doing what they taught us.”

As an image of the innovative local area, she said, to this end she gives cautious thought to her closet decisions.

Moreover, I consider cultural matters of the highest importance. Since I’ve been in Ghana for the last 30 years or so, I’ve made it a point to always be well-known for my distinctive style, which consists mostly of traditional African garments and accessories.

So it’s a deliberate decision on my part, and when I produce a movie, I make sure to put those things in there because I know what my nation and Africa as a continent stand to profit from doing so,” she said.

This, she said, is why Ghanaians must have “that conscience while producing a movie and agree on what they want out there it” if they are serious about telling their narrative.

People are terrified of the unknown and the film is a great way to let them know you care about them and let them see where you’re coming from and where you want to go. You brand both yourself and your nation based on the messages you send out in your film, she said.

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