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I left my Ghanaian girlfriend because she used her menstrual blood to cook for me – Nigerian singer says

A Nigerian craftsman distinguished as Chizom has unveiled that he said a final farewell to his sweetheart since she cooked with her feminine blood for him.

The Nigerian vocalist who was responding to an inquiry on Twitter on why he said a final farewell to his ex made this revelation in a progression of tweets.

As indicated by the Nigerian vocalist, he got his ex who was a Ghanaian washing her feminine blood from her cushion into the pot of rice she was planning for him. He unveiled that he got back home before to astound her and got her in the demonstration.

He tweeted saying, “The first time she was cooking for me she washed off the blood from her menstrual pad and she poured the water into the rice she was cooking for me. I came back home just to surprise her and caught her in the act.”

“And if you all think this is a joke, the lady was Ghanaian, and her friend advised her to do it.”

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