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Beef Is The New Currency That Everybody Feeds On – M.anifest

Ghanaian rapper, Manifest has said that most specialists in the music business feed on melodious hamburger to remain pertinent in the business.

As per Manifest, this recent fad has made a great deal of specialists grip to hamburger to acquire consideration in the music space and furthermore stay important.

M.anifest has unveiled that some hamburger has its negative advantages while some likewise have its positive advantages. He expressed that he has seen a few craftsmen who engaged in melodious meat with their partner’s specialists just to advance their image and melodic profession.

“We’ve just inherited the world…people really recognized the financial benefit of attention. Attention is the new currency, it is a new drive that everybody feeds on and beef is the easiest way to get attention”, M.anifest disclosed.

In a discussion on BBC World News, M.anifest noted he just gets into hamburgers with just establishments and not with his partners; adding that it doesn’t just occur in the music business however all over.

“I have beefs with institutions (laughs)….that is life. It is a lot about different philosophical points of view, always going at each other whether it’s in literature, politics, religion etc”, he noted.

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