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President Akufo Addo Enskinned ‘Chief of Truth’ At Daffiama-Bussie-Issa

A conferral was made on Tuesday, August 23, 2022, in a short durbar at Issa to present the chieftaincy title of “Yelemanga Naa,” with “Head of Truth,” on President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

As a feature of his two-day visit through the Upper West, Nana Addo came by the town to mind the improvement of the Agenda 111 Hospital Project in the Daffiama-Bussie-Issa District.

During the president’s conferral, Naa Yelekuang Bawiele, the vital head of the area, said:

We requested that you hasten the process of upgrading the Issa Health Centre, which was then a CHPS Compound, to a district hospital. It has been upgraded to a polyclinic status in 2019. This is the first in the history of the district since its creation in 2012, as the district had neither a district hospital nor a polyclinic. “”You (President Akufo-Addo) promised to provide the Issa Youth Leadership Training Institute with a bus, and you did exactly that, and the school has now been upgraded into a Technical Institute under TVET.

”Through your leadership, the District Assembly, led by the DCE in collaboration with the Catholic Church, established a Senior High School here some two years ago, “”We also requested for the tarring of the Issa Town roads and you delivered,” adding that, “the district capital now has a tarred road and, more importantly, Fian-Wogu road, Issa Kojokperi – Wahabu – Wellembelle road is also under construction.”We are also aware of your government’s collaboration with the European Union to construct some roads and markets in the district. Notable amongst them are the Fian-Owlo-Daffiama-road and the Wogu-Saamanbo road, amongst others. You all know the Chiefs do not participate in partisan politics. All that I have said is devoid of political interest but facts that can be verified.

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