Mercy Ekeh Accused of Introducing Moesha To Apostle Suleman Before She Lost Her Mind- Filla


Nigerian entertainer, Mercy Ekeh has been blamed for associating Moesha Boduong to Nigerian minister Apostle Suleman.

Obviously, Mercy Ekeh had an unsanctioned romance with Apostle Suleman before, yet she actually felt free to acquaint her companion Moesha with him, as per a web gossip.

As indicated by the significance given by Instagram tattle bunch Switchfocus, Moesha hasn’t been something very similar since Apostle Suleman engaged in sexual relations with her.

As indicated by the tattle site, Moesha Boduong’s psychological problem is connected with a relationship she had with Apostle Suleman.

The question about how Mercy Ekeh is overseeing things while Moesha hasn’t been herself since purportedly laying down with Apostle Suleman was the essence’s decision.


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