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Pres Akufo-Addo Didn’t Make Me Rich; I Was Diana Before NPP Came Into Power -Diana Asamoah

Evangelist Diana Asamoah demands her new lavish way of life doesn’t have anything to do with her nearby connections to the ongoing organization.

Simultaneous with the standard of the NPP, evangelist Diana Asamoah’s makeover raised doubts that the gospel artist’s shine up had been financed by the occupant government.
Diana Asamoah answers by reminding Ghanaians that she was a vocalist prior to turning into a government official.

“My singing career began long ago, and as I’ve already said, some people like to show off their goods. In the year 2000, I released my first studio album, which became a critical and commercial success.

“A career in music was financially rewarding in the past. That’s why I’m rich now, thanks to the hand of Almighty God. We don’t put on a show for the world.

“We serve as an example of Christ’s love for others. As Diana Asamoah pointed out, if ZionFelix sees Diana Asamoah “living well,” he’ll join Christ.

She likewise said that she has consistently liked to be relaxed, which is the reason nobody realized she was prosperous as of recently.
“I was composing and recording music during the administration of former President Kufour. This was not the period of president Nana Addo when I first started making songs.

“2022 saw the publication of my single “Ma Bo wo Din Na Mafriwo,” which quickly became a hit with listeners all across Africa. As a result, I’m taken aback whenever people claim that Nana Addo has made me rich.

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