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I Haven’t Seen Things This Terrible Since I Was Born And Got Wise-Kwaiseh Per Laments on Hardship In Ghana

Kwaisey Pee has said in plain language that this current government under the dumbfounded administration of Nana Akufo Addo is the most awful he has at any point seen.

He said though outside factors making things troublesome, he never expected things to move south irregularly as such.

He voiced this feeling during a communication on Accra FM where the appalling execution of the current organization lamented.

“The system is not going so well, but God is alive. All the rich men are complaining about the system. If you tell me the system is okay, then it could mean you sleep on gold on a gold bed. But apart from sleeping on a gold bed, the system is very bad,” he stated.

“Since I was born and got wise, I haven’t seen things this terrible. Look, it’s true coronavirus came, Russia and Ukraine war also followed, but trust me, it shouldn’t be this bad and I believe it’s the management of our leaders. The leaders are not managing things well. Do you understand,” he concluded.

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