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Government Was Compelled To Go To IMF—Gabby Otchere

The New Patriotic Party’s has said that the NPP government was forced to go to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to seek a bail out.

According to him the government had no other choice as policies it proposed which includes the E-levy couldn’t solve the country’s current economic crisis.

He went on to say that the current government’s decision to go to the IMF was because it got frustrated by the public or minority members in Parliament.

Gabby who was speaking on Joy News’ Newsfile program on 2nd July 2022 said he doesn’t believe positively in government’s move.

He believes that I going to the IMF is the last resort for government.

“Yes there were challenges yes governments came with its policies to see how to address those challenges in those policies were frustrated by the Very Parliament that we have.

“I am not too optimistic about why we are the IMF, it is unfortunate that we were forced there because the policies that were brought did not get the supports that it’s required so it had actually no option.

He added that government’s decision to go to the IMF was necessary to prevent burden on Ghana’s reserves.

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