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Covid-19 Vaccine Will Not Make You Vote For NPP-Akufo-Addo To Ghanaians

President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo in his address on Wednesday 15th December 2021 has assured Ghanaians that anyone who takes the Covid-19 jab will not have their thinking influenced by the vaccine.

According to the President the vaccines are safe and harmless and only in to protect a lot of families.

In his words he said; ”vaccines are safe. They will not harm you. They will protect you and your families”.

The President also said; ”getting vaccinated will not cause you to vote for the NPP in the 2024 elections if you do not want to. This is an outrageous claim. Vaccination cannot change your political preference”.

He made this comment following a misconception that has grown among the people of Manya Krobo who said they won’t take the covid-19 vaccination because it will cahnge their minds to vote the NPP in 2024.

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