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Ghana’s Problem Is Leadership-Martha Ankomah Opines

Famous Ghanaian actress Martha Ankomah has said that one of Ghana’s greatest problems is its leadership.

The actress who says the cause of Ghana’s woes is its leadership doesn’t seem to understand why a country blessed with so many natural resources could still have children attending school under trees.

She stressed that Africa as a whole is challenged with good leadership and not just politicians in Ghana.

“Let me take Dubai as an example – once again: All Dubai has is oil, which has been used to construct the metropolis,” she elaborated.

Ghana, on the other hand, “has been gifted so much by God with nearly every natural resource, including even oil,” she said, yet the country has nothing to show for it.

“When you think about it, it’s quite disturbing,” she said, adding, “I don’t even think the West should offer any African country financial assistance.”

“All Dubai has is oil,” she said, “they don’t have lumber, they don’t have cocoa, and they don’t even plant mangoes.”

It is such a pity” that despite Ghana’s favorable agricultural climate, in which practically every crop thrives, farm food was scarce at times”, she reiterated.

“God has blessed us with nearly everything,” she said, “but our difficulty is leadership.”

“Things will be OK,” she believes, “if the leaders utilize intelligence and love to develop the country,” rather than driving V8s and handing out chicken, goats, and bicycles to voters during elections “while schoolchildren sit beneath trees to learn.”

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