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Rapping Is No Where Close To Governance-Stephen Atubiga Slams Sarkodie

A former member of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) now founder of the National Liberation Council (NLC) Stephen Atubiga has slammed Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie for criticizing the current administration.

According to Stephen Atubiga governance is serious business and nothing making music can be compared to.

He made this comment while reacting Sarkodie’s recent tweet asking government to give Ghanaians and enabling environment to hustle.

Explaining to Sarkodie how governance works in a post on Facebook he wrote; That is not how governance works my brother. Just imagine what we all go through in trying to run our homes with the difficulties and unexpected challenges that comes on our way. Then put your shoes into any government like the NPP, NDC, PNC, Or. The great NLC trying to do the same for us Ghanaians.

He added that the rapper has no moral right to criticize the NPP government because he has no knowledge in governmental affairs.

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