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FIFA Rejects South Africa’s Protest Against Ghana For Replay of Qualifier

Reports reaching us is that FIFA has rejected South Africa’s protest against Ghana requesting that the qualifier match between Ghana and South Africa be played again.

According to reports the Disciplinary Committee has described the South Africa Football Association’s (SAFA) request as ‘inadmissible’.

Reacting to this claim by SAFA, the Ghana Football Association (GFA) asked the governing body of FIFA to dismiss the application and punish SAFA for bringing football’s image to disrepute.

“The protest lodged by South Africa has been declared inadmissible by the Disciplinary Committee as it did not meet the requirements foreseen under art. 46 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code and art. 14 of the Regulations of the Preliminary Competition of the FIFA World Cup 2022”, according to an email sent to JoySports.

The email further added that the decision of the Disciplinary Committee is subject to appeal.

As it stands now, SAFA hasn’t made any intention of appealing the decision known.


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