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Krobo Residents Reject Covid-19 Vaccine For Fear It Will Make Them Vote NPP IN 2024

Some misconception about the Covid-19 vaccine is fast spreading in Upper Manya Krobo hence making its District Health Directorates to lament on the low turnout of residents for the vaccination.

Out of an estimated number of about Fifty thousand, one hundred and four people who are supposed to be vaccinated by the end of the year 2021, only 282 people have been fully vaccinated since the beginning of the vaccination.

Reports indicates that about 820 people who took their first jab are hesitant on taking their second dose following a misconception flying around.

The District Health Director, Esther Dua Oyinka has said that one of what has contributed to the low turnout include a misinformation that the ruling government want to use the vaccine to change their minds so they vote for the government in 2024.

“Some of the rumours are that if you are a man and you take the vaccine you will become impotent which is a falsehood. Others are saying if you are a lady, you will cease menstruation and you cannot give birth any longer, others say if you take it you are going to die that it will push you to your early grave because you will experience some funny signs and symptoms in your body. Even some are saying it is the government that has put in certain things to make up for the vaccine to vaccinate them so that it will change their minds from voting for any other party except the sitting party,” Esther Dua stated.

Meanwhile Ghana has recorded two cases of Omicron variant which is from the Covid-19 family.

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