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African Politicians Lock Their Conscience When In Power-Bright Simons Cries

Vice President of IMANI Africa, Bright Simons has said that one of the things he has observed over the years is that members of a ruling government deliberately lock their conscience which makes it difficult for them to criticize the government.

According to him whenever these individuals lock their conscience it becomes impossible for them to see anything bad concerning the ruling government.

”1/It has become clear for a while now that the sacrifice you make as a member of a ruling party in Africa is to lock your conscience. It becomes impossible to see bad policies from your govt. That also means you become IRRELEVANT. All eyes are now on the Opposition to save Ghana,” he wrote.

He went on to say that even if the people have the ability to scrutinize bad policies not even one of them will have the moral courage to do so.

”3/ But you would be naive if you expect even one MP from the ruling party to take a stand on any of these seriously problematic matters. Not one of them will have the moral courage to scrutinize a single thing their Govt does. A true tragedy. Thank God then for the Opposition,” he tweeted.

Simons indicates that politicians sell their conscience the moment their party wins power.

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