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My Greatest Regret Is Running An Orphanage Home-Maame Dokono Cries

Veteran Ghanaian actress born Grace Omaboe well known in showbiz as Maame Dokono has expressed regret for establishing an orphanage home where her only intention was to help neglected children but ended up getting arrested.

Speaking on UTV’s United Showbiz show she stated that she regret ever using her own house as an orphanage home to help children on the street get a roof over their head but wasn’t even appreciated in the end.

She mentioned that it took the intervention of some NPP youth who kept screaming on the street of the police station where she was arrested demanding that she gets released.

Maame Dokono said after that incident she stopped the orphanage home she was operating in order to prevent getting arrested again.

”My greatest regret was establishing an NGO that catered for children. I was out of the country when I was told that I have been arrested so I had to come back to Ghana. When I got to the Airport I was invited by WAJU so I reported there. I was expected to report everyday of which I did. But on one of the days, I was in my house when the woman from WAJU came there with ten armed policemen to arrest me”.

”She held me by the neck and I also did the same and asked her to go because I will go to the office by myself. She left and I made some calls and reported to their office. While still at their office, the NPP youth filled the premises up demanding my release. So I was released from WAJU and that has been my greatest regret in life. I was doing what Social Welfare or police couldn’t do but rather got arrested”, she added.

She further said that even if she still has the interest to start an orphanage it wouldn’t be in Accra.

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