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I Won’t Marry Anymore If I’m Unmarried By Close of 2021-Rapper E.L Declares

Famous Ghanaian rapper and sound engineer, E.L has hilariously said that if by the close of 2021 he is still not married then it means he won’t marry anytime soon.

38-year-old E.L who was born Elorm Adablah has said that he hopes rumours circulating that he will be settling down with his dream wife this December should manifest.

”Ego ring mmom, e for ring because if e no ring by the end of December this year then e mean say e no go ring again bro”, he said in an interview.

Answering to a question on marriage, E.L said on Kastle FM that he needs prayers to aid him in tying the knot with the woman of his dreams.

”’This year be my last bus if this bus go di33 then I go dey here plus my seatbelt so pray give me make my wedding bells ring,” he told Amansan Krahye.

Many of his fans have got their fingers crossed as they wait on his wedding.

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