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I Dated David Dontoh But Broke Up With Him Because….. Maame Dokono Reveals Deep Secret

A-list Ghanaian actress, Grace Omabo well known as Maame Dokono has disclosed that she dated Ghanaian actor, David Dontoh during their prime days.

According to her they dated for ten years but never married because she felt she will burden him after coming into the relationship with four kids from her previous marriage.

Although their relationship never ended into marriage, she said Mr. Dontoh’s presence in her life was helpful as it prevented both men and women who were attracted to her from making advances because they thought they were married.

”I dated David Dontoh for ten years but we never got married. His presence helped me a lot especially when we went on tours and people wanted to propose to me they thought we were married. You could be in your hotel room and some women will be downstairs waiting to propose love to you”, she stated

”I was with David Dontoh for ten years and could have decided to get married to him but I thought as a young man starting out with life, I wouldn’t want to burden him because I had four children so we broke up and from there, I had a man who I was with till he died a year and some months ago”, she said on United Showbiz show aired on UTV.

Meanwhile Ghanaian musician Kwabena Kwabena has complained about the rate at which Ghanaians make a joke out of everything especially music. He noted that music is not comedy but serious business.

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