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The Gods of Kyebi Will Strike You Down Should You Say You Are Not Corrupt-Captain Smart To Nana Addo

Ace broadcast Journalist and host of ‘Onua Maakye’ show, Captain Smart has opined that the current administration led by Nana Addo is one of the most corrupt the country has ever seen.

He strongly believes that statement like ‘Nana Addo is incorruptible was only a deception.

Speaking on his show on Tuesday, 9th November he noted that the President no longer say he is incorruptible because he is aware of being corrupt.

He added that the gods of Kyebi will strike the President down should he pronounce himself as a man who is incorruptible.

“Nana you are corrupt. Nobody wants to tell you but I am telling you, my name is Blessed Godsbrain Smart, and I dare say you are corrupt. You see you no longer say you are not corrupt. I dare you to say it, even the gods in your hometown will strike you dead.”

“I dare you to say I Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo is not corrupt, the gods of Kyebi will strike you dead,” he continued.

He added that Nana Addo’s administration has deceived Ghanaians than any other government in the fourth republic.

“You have deceived Ghanaians more than any government in the Fourth Republic. This particular government has been the most deceptive. Even Rawlings whose government was a military government did not do such, J. A. Kufuor did not do this, Prof. Mills also did not do same.”

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