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Reckless Mercedez Benz Driver Fined GHS1800

Recall the reckless Mercedes Benz driver who took the Accra road for that of America hence was sighted driving as though acting ‘Fast and Furious weeks ago, was asked to appear in court on 25th October 2021 but fell ill, there has been a new development.

The Mercedes was identified as Kofi Buckman. He was arrested and put behind bars  after a video of him driving recklessly at Opeibea in Accra but was later released.

In a video that went viral he was seen driving in circles in a dramatic faction of the four-lane road of Opeibea but later sped off.

The Kaneshie District Court has fined the reckless Mercedes-Benz driver who was last week arrested by the police to an amount of GHS 1,800.

When he was arraigned before court on 1st November 2021, he pleaded guilty to the charge of reckless driving.

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