Baby Mama Of Funny Face ”Vanessah Nicole” Happily Jamming To Joeboy’s Song As She Shows Off A Ring Amidst Funny Face’s Latest Breakdown With Depression (Video)


Vanessah Nicole, who doubles as the baby mama of Ghanaian comic entertainer Funny Face, seems, by all accounts, not really disturbed and enjoying her life whiles her baby daddy is by all accounts going through a backslide.

Over the most recent days, Funny Face has been everywhere going out of control to affront and revile individuals he thinks have insulted him in one manner on his web-based media pages.

Up until this point, standard offenders like Lilwin, Kalybos, Bismark the Joke, Funny Face’s ex Elizabeth, his in-law, and obviously, his baby mama Vanessah Nicole have all been slammed vigorously.

Amidst all the new dramatization and insults, Funny Face in one video shamed Venessah Nicole for being a cheat.

As per him, Vanessah was stealing from him when they were living respectively however he hushed up about this on the grounds that he would not like to shame the mother of his children and proceeded to say that Vanessa hoodwinked him during the birth of her new child.

He boldly disclosed that Vanessa schemed with her mom and took GHC 5,000 from him for C-Section when the genuine sum was GHC 1,800. Notwithstanding, it seems Vanessa is unperturbed. She shared a video of herself on her Instagram page where she was spotted joyfully enjoying Joeboy’s tune.

In the video, she is found in a pleasant imperial blue morning coat singing and blazing a ring.

Checkout the video below;

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