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You can mock us all you want but remember you even didnt a quarter of Qatar – John Dumelo slams Nigerians

Nigerians who have turned to making fun of Ghanaians following the Black Stars' loss have come under fire, according to lawmaker and farmer John Dumelo of Ghana. After the Black Stars' loss to Uruguay, some Nigerians mocked Ghanaians on Twitter. Ghana only earned three points in the game before being eliminated. Despite their loss, John Dumelo said he is still proud of the Black Stars.He also criticized Nigerians on his Facebook page for making fun of Ghanaians after the team's loss and claiming that their national team

I am Unhappy, I am sorry I missed the Penalty” Dede Ayew finally speaks after Black Star’s defeat

Following his spectacular penalty miss against Uruguay, Dede Ayew has received harsh criticism.The Black stars captain had a fantastic opportunity to advance Ghana to the round of 16, but he dashed Ghanaians' dreams by sending the ball into Martin Silva's hands. Dede acknowledged responsibility but stated that it was hard to take the penalty he missed when speaking with the reporters after the game. As he continued, he also expressed his sadness in himself for the screams of more than 30 million Ghanaians who had earlier

“Asamoah Gyan can rest now” Ghanaians drag Dede into the gutter after Penalty loss

Dede Ayew, the captain of the Black Stars national team, is presently trending as the top user on Twitter after he missed the penalty that was given to Ghana. The game between Ghana and Uruguay was one of the hardest and most anticipated games. Many people believed that the game was intended as retaliation against Uruguay. Dede Ayew, the team captain, took the penalty shot for Ghana during the opening period.He did not win the penalty, though. This has caused many on social media to revisit the penalty that Asamoh Gyan

“Ghanaians know my Brother has Quality yet they speak poorly about him” Dede Ayew speaks

Andre Dede Ayew, the captain of the Black Stars, has responded to Ghanaians' criticism of his brother Jordan Ayew during the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Jordan Ayew of the Ghana Black Stars is one of the players who receives the most criticism. Many Ghanaians believe that Jordan Ayew is unfit to play for the whole 90 minutes. Last Thursday, Jordan received criticism for the 13 minutes of his time on the field during the game between Ghana and Portugal. During the final 13 minutes of the game, Jordan lost possession three times
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