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Steve Harvey Breaks Silence Amid Claims Of “Wife Cheating With Bodyguard”

American show host, Steve Harvey, amidst his rumoured divorce with his wife, Marjorie Harvey, has penned down a motivating piece on steadfastness and bouncebackability.

Steve Harvey was trending on Twitter for two reasons. One was his tweet asking fans to name a comedian that does not make them laugh. The host revealed that it was a step taken by his social media manager for engagement and added that he has fired the person responsible for tweeting such a thing. On the other hand, a new report claimed some setbacks in Steve and Marjorie’s marital life, linking some sexual escapade between his wife Marjorie and Harvey’s Bodyguard.

According to allegations making round on social media, the reason for the supposed divorce is because his wife was caught cheating with the bodyguard. She had reportedly demanded half of his net worth as alimony in their motions for a divorce. The internet went frenzy after the news was blown up.

Steve, has seemily shown interest in the case, and is subtly reacting to them. Meanwhile, popular Delta politician who is an acquaintance of Harvey, maintained that the couple are fine, stressing that the rumours are unfounded. But what really is happening between the two power couple? Are they experiencing a real “FAMILY FEUD”….or “MARITAL FEUD”?

In a new post on his Twitter page, the show host speaks on the importance of pushing through with life regardless of its many challenging hurdles.

Although, some netizens are making connections with his piece with the currently circulating rumours, Harvey keeps putting out ‘Emotional Tweets’ on his Twitter page. On one post her wrote;

“No matter what happens, life ain’t over. As long as God wakes you up, that means he ain’t through with you yet. When God wakes you up, he has something for you that you haven’t received. Every day you have the opportunity to make something happen.”

Contrary to the reports that Marjorie cheated on Steve Harvey with their chef and bodyguard, Ned Nwoko has dispelled as “fake news”. The Nigerian Nigerian businessman and politician, Ned Nwoko, who said Harvey told him it was a lie. He wrote;

“Fake news has been taken to new heights all over the world and this is so unfortunate. We experience this practically every day and so when we read about our friend Steve Harvey and his lovely wife having issues, we had to contact Him and He confirmed that he and his wife are very much okay and it’s all fake news and should be disregarded. The family is happy together and we wish them all the best.”

The cheating allegations first started earlier this week on X – formerly known as Twitter – and quickly went viral.

Steve and Marjorie first crossed paths back in 1990 but didn’t tie the knot until 17 years later in 2007. Upon their marriage, he adopted Marjorie’s three children from her previous relationship: 26-year-old model Lori, Morgan and also Jason.

Before saying ‘I do’ to his current wife, the game show host was previously married to Mary Shackelford from 1996 until 2005. They share a son, Wynton. His first marriage was to Marcia Harvey from 1981 through 2004. They welcomed twins Brandi and Karli, as well as son Broderick.

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