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Lizzo Sues Her Backup Dancers; Claims She’s Got Huge Evidence Against Them

Well, well, well…..let the war begin as Lizzo gets ready to battle her enemies who first denigrated her with serious allegations including body shaming and sexual harassment.

Just when we thought Lizzo had been defeated after her former backup dancers made series of allegations against the singer, looks like she isn’t backing up from still being positive and extricating herself from the books of the law. Lizzo is planning to sue back her former dancers.

According to documents, Pinax News have sighted, Lizzo has plans to sue the same backup dancers who are taking her to court … and new photos appear to show her accusers having a great time backstage following some nude entertainment in Paris, about a month after the infamous banana incident in Amsterdam.

According to TMZ, Lizzo’s attorney, Marty Singer, say newly surfaced photos show Lizzo’s accusers happily carousing and gleefully reveling backstage with the performers from a topless cabaret show in Paris during Lizzo’s tour.

Singer says the photos are from March 5, which is about a month after the infamous February visit to Bananenbar in Amsterdam. Remember, in their suit, Lizzo’s accusers claim she pressured them to eat bananas from performers’ vaginas.

Lizzo’s accusers, Arianna DavisCrystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez also claim they were essentially forced to go to the Paris topless show, but her attorney says that contradicts the photos. He says they’re “happily cavorting backstage” with the topless dancers, who are the ones in the colorful wigs.

That explains why the singer was beaming with smiles on monday, when the paparazzi caught up with her. Looks like, she really is a step ahead of her backup dancers. Well, maybe they’ll forever be behind her.

Lizzo was spotted in public Monday for the first time since being sued, and she said she was doing just fine and working on new music.

Her attorney says he has other substantial evidence in addition to the photos and videos that prove the glaring contradictions between what the plaintiffs claim in their bogus lawsuit and what is actually proven by the facts. Lizzo’s lawyer is intending a sue for malicious claims by the singers former dancers.

the singer looked very happy.

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