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Burna Boy Debunks $22 million net worth by Google Results

Damini Ogulu, nicknamed Burna Boy, a Grammy-winning Nigerian artist, has revealed his net worth.

He stated that, contrary to online reports claiming he is only worth $22 million (16.8 billion), his net worth is “way more than that.”

He revealed this in a recent interview with the American news source Complex.

The interviewer: “A quick Google search says your net worth is $22 million.”

Burna Boy responded: “Hahaha. Let’s not talk about it. Well, I prefer they go that way. That is cool. But it’s inaccurate. They are way off.”

He said it is a blessing for him to be able to take care of his family’s financial needs.

“It’s great, man. It’s a blessing. It’s nothing short of a blessing.

“I always told my mum while growing up as a kid that I would buy her a house and a car someday. Another ‘I Told Them’ moment,” he said.

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