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McBrown has sacrificed her whole body to suit you,why still cheat? – Maxwell Mensah Dragged Over Frequent Cheating.

Maxewell Mensah, mcbrown’s husband has been accused of cheating for sometime without evidence .

In a recent rant on social media of a popular snapchat couple, Serwaa and Ridwan, maxewell’s name has been mentioned again as the cause of thier break up.

Serwaa and Ridwann have been together for 11 years and have a baby together.

According to Ridwan he married another lady beacause , Serwaa has allegedly been sleeping with Maxewel lowkey.

Afrafra hemaa has blasted maxewell over this cheating saga, according to her mcbrown is doing everything to fit in,so maxewell is just an ungrateful ewe man with an arrogant attitude and also blammed him for the seperation of the 11 years couple with a baby.

this time around there is a prove ah Maxewell! one person commented.

watch frafrahemaa below;

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