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Bombshell!! Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Had Surrogacy

TMZ reported earlier that Rihanna and ASAP Rocky have privately welcomed their second child. According to the publication, they unraveled the details, confirming the newborn’s date of birth, location, and name hint. But sources say, the “BAD GIRL” had her child through surrogacy.

The mystery behind Rihanna’s pregnancy is causing lots of reactions across the socials, with some even doubting that the Singer has welcomed a beautiful Baby Girl. Various outlets have made publications about “Riri’s” pregnancy, saying she and her Boyfriend ASAP Rocky have welcomed a new kid, But the unfortunate part about those publications is that, None of these outlets or publications have shown evidence about the alleged baby not even from the camp of the Bad Girl. This is causing mixed feelings amongst fans and some sympathizers about what exactly could be the state of the Diva and her unborn child.

Daily Mail was the first outlet to have published the news, but they never provided any better details to the story. Later, some other sites picked on the news, and began sharing and spreading the news. later again, a close insider revealed the real happenings about the “LIFT ME UP” songstress. Now, TMZ also have said Riri reportedly gave birth on Aug. 3, per “sources with direct knowledge.” Though the outlet didn’t specify a hospital or home birth, it reports that the child was born in Los Angeles, California.

According to an insider, the rumours about Rihanna welcoming a new kiddo is FALSE! goes on to say that Riri is in serious pain and is at the verge of losing the child. The source say, for some time now, Rihanna has been experiencing excruciating pains and has always been to her Gynecologist for treatment. Though not much is known, looks like per what the insider has alleged, there would be no new Baby for ASAP Rocky and Rihanna unless the two plan to have surrogacy.

But isn’t it shocking also that if indeed ASAP and Rihanna have welcomed their baby, there would be lots of celebrities wishing them well….or perhaps sending them love with various captions on social media? well, that should tell you that the earlier reports by the Daily Mail and some other sites never had the true details of the information before publishing. Or just maybe, this is a new strategy by the couple?

Rihanna announced to the world that she was pregnant at the Super Bowl, and proceeded with another sterling performance at the oscars. Now let’s do the Maths……. her announcement came earlier Feb. 2023, and here we are in August.

Could the Baby be immature hence the couple shying away from the truth? or truly, the couple have lost the child?

TMZ source claims the alleged baby is a boy–their second after baby RZA’s birth last year. Rihanna. Rumors that Rihanna gave birth started circulating earlier this month. However, initial reports from sites like MediaTakeOut, claimed the superstars had welcomed a daughter. As of Monday (Aug. 3), the site updated its article to include TMZ’s details making the whole story very cumbersome.

As mentioned, little is known about Rihanna and Rocky’s newborn. However, TMZ confirmed that the child’s name begins with an R, like his brother. Well, we await the official post and comments from the couple. until then, let’s still wish well for the BAD GIRL.

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