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I stopped going to Church because they did not Support Me – Rex Omar

Celebrated Ghanaian highlife musician and producer, Rex Omar, has spilt that he had issues with the christian community for making life difficult with them.

He disclosed that he he did not get the financial support he needed when he was releasing a track that later became a hit,this contributed to him quitting the church.

Speaking on the Asaase Breakfast Show on August 16, 2023, Rex Omar mentioned that he faced a lot of challenges when he decided to pursue music. His dad wasn’t in support because he had the notion that musicians were poor back then.

Rex Omar said, “I used to be involved with the church a lot. We would go for prayers at Atwea Mountain and all that. So, one day I asked my pastor if the church could help fund my recording because I wanted to go to the studio. But the pastor told me that the church board couldn’t provide the funds. That was the moment I decided to stop going to church.”

He continued, “I found someone outside the church who was willing to support my recording. Surprisingly, that recording, which was a gospel song, became a big hit.”

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