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Don’t risk your life to fight a fellow black to bring back corruption in Niger – Wanlov tells Ghana military.

Musician and actor Wanlov Kubolor has sent a peice of advice to the ghana army concerning the ongoing Niger crises.

According to the ghanian-romanian born singer,its not advisable for ghana army to bring themselves all out to go fight in niger to bring back a corrupt democratic rule, this will bring the wrath of niger citizens on the ghana army and ghana as a whole .

In a video shared by Wanlov, he stated that the manipulation by the Europeans shouldn’t be condoned pushing fellow blacks against each other.

He further explained that the European colonizers are continuously exploiting people of color hence jumping to the fore to fight against fellow Africans is not to be hailed on.

“Chale what’s up this is Kubolor, I get a message to the Ghana Army. I beg you guys waa make you no risk your lives and go fight fellow black people in Niger because you will be fighting for Macron.”The fact say the leaders for Niger are corrupt that’s why the people decided to overthrow their leader. and so going to fight in Niger will rather be encouraging bad leadership and manipulation by the whites”


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