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Stonebwoy’s alleged side chic threatens to sue bongo ideas

A whirlwind of suspicion and intrigue erupted across social media platforms when “Bongo Ideas” alleged that Stonebwoy is in a covert love connection with a Ghanaian-born US-based woman known as @_ohsojah on Twitter.
The incendiary accusation shook Ghana’s internet landscape, with many Ghanaians trying to put together the facts behind the blogger’s assertions.

According to reports, Bongo Ideas claimed on social media that the stunning Twitter user was having an illicit relationship with Stonebwoy, one of Ghana’s most well-known musicians.The purported hidden girlfriend of Stonebwoy, who lives in the US, is said to be connected to him on a deeper level than just friendship, according to Bongo Ideas.

The blogger’s article also claimed that Stonebwoy allegedly spends considerable time with the aforementioned woman while he is in the US, heightening the mystery surrounding their connection.

The woman at the core of this viral drama responded to the serious claims by strongly refuting them.

She maintains that Bongo Ideas should not be believed since she is not having an illicit relationship with the artist.

She wrote on Twitter, “I am not this man-side chick, excuse me!

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