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Davido is unable to meet fan on an epic bike mission.

Davido tweeted that he wouldn’t be at home in response to a man who claimed to be riding a bike from Benue State all the way to Lagos to meet him.

The Afrobeats superstar, who ironically has a hit song called “Unavailable,” wrote, “Turn around I’m not home.”

To congratulate the “living legend” on his most recent “masterpiece” album Timeless, the mega-fan, who goes by the Twitter handle Emmiwuks, declares he will not turn around and must give Davido his gift.

According to Google Maps, the 800 km (500 miles) trip from Benue to Lagos takes more than 13 hours by car but only six days by foot.
According to his account on X, formerly known as Twitter, where he has chronicled his journey and taken pictures of himself in a few different states, Emmiwuks is currently on day nine of his journey.

He claims that he has been taking breaks to rest.

He has been seen travelling with a sizeable Davido poster fastened to his bike.

He claims that he had to have his bike repaired as well.

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