“The only rappers I know are Nasty C, Sarkodie and Black Sherif, The rest are boring” Angry Wizkid disses his colleague

In order to forward an agenda he started days ago when he called the rap genre dull and eventually dead, Wizkid woke up on the “vawulence” side of his bed. “Afrobeats is the new pop,” he was overheard declaring. In America, I made two million dollars off just one song! Even some American musicians lack a diamond album. If I’m being really honest, I no longer listen to any other type of music.

Rap is dull to me, thus I don’t listen to it. It is now exhausted and lifeless. These people perform the same crap and rap using the same beats and flows. Some Nigerian rappers launched a counterattack against him after his incendiary declaration caused the internet to go into meltdown, arguing why he was so off in his judgement.

Rappers are broke and unworthy of his attention, the award-winning Nigerian superstar said in a subsequent return, reinforcing his position. Since then, the singer has made it clear that he does not view them as real rappers. Wizkid said that only the rappers Nasty C from South Africa and Sarkodie and Black Sherif from Ghana could be regarded rappers and that the rest of them are fools in a now-deleted tweet on his own Snapchat.

The only rappers in Africa, according to him, are nasty C, Sarkodie, and black sherif, he wrote.
You all are idiots.Continue to submit una popsy rap vids, guys! I’m going to watch in case I can save a mother’s life.

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