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Trouble for Kudus as young lady leads him to Alpha Hour Prayer Altar to cement marriage

After witnessing player Kudus Mohammed of the Black Stars excel during recent matches at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, several Ghanaian ladies are professing their love for him.  There have been occasions where some ladies readily gave their bodies to the player for sex.
Others have also adopted their images as their social media profile photos.

Eugenia Ewurama, a young woman, has gone above and above with her fascination with Kudus Mohammed, taking the player to the well-known prayer location, Alpha Hour.
A Ghanaian pastor named Elvis Agyemang founded the Alpha Hour, a potent prayer altar.

A nonreligious prayer group meets there.
A link on all of their social media sites allows anybody to join.
Daily from 1:00 to 2:00 a.m. Ghana Time, Alpharians pray.
Numerous individuals who joined the prayer altar to pray have provided innumerable testimony.

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