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“This wont end well” Wizkid’s third Baby Mama reacts to news to him being Single

Wizkid, a Nigerian musician, has two children with Jada P, and it appears that she isn’t too pleased with her baby daddy after he announced his single status on his snapchat profile a few months after they had their second child. Wizkid presently has four children and three baby mothers.

Wizkid claims on his snapchat profile that he hasn’t been dating for a while and that it is time to start dating again.
This time, he claimed, he might even score himself one or two women.

After the announcement, Wizkid’s baby mama also commented on it on her social media page, and based on what she wrote, it appears the two had a minor dispute.
Jada claimed in a since-deleted post that she didn’t understand why Wizkid felt the need to take their disagreement online.

On Twiter, She wrote:”Taking arguments to social media is never going to end well”

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