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“I am sorry” Ashanti Regional NSS Director drops an unqualified apology after harassing a nurse at Manhyia Hospital

A nurse working at the Manhyia Government Hospital in Kumasi was attacked by Alex Opoku-Mensah, the Ashanti Regional Director of the National Service Secretariat (NSS). According to reports, the attack was in retribution for the nurse’s alleged harassment of his daughter who is undergoing her medicals in the Hospital. He learned about the nurse he claimed intimidated his daughter at the medical center from his daughter, who just so happened to be working at the same hospital.

An enraged NSS director is captured on audio hurling insults at the nurse who questioned his daughter, branding her as an unqualified nurse who entered nursing school thanks to sexual favors. The NSS Director has been called for immediate dismissal by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association (GRNMA), who retain that he has no business holding any high placement in government.

“The said Regional Director must be dismissed immediately because he is incompetent for the Director position he currently occupies in the Public Service, according to the Public Services Commission and the government in general. He had absolutely NO RIGHT to enter the Manhyia District Hospital, where the above- mentioned nurse was working at the time, and to publicly humiliate and threaten her.

Finally responding to the news, Mr. Alex Opoku posted on his social media page that he had issued an unqualified apology and that he was sorry for his actions.
He stated on Facebook:

I understand the disappointment and appreciate the inconvenience my action has caused the general public as well as the Nursing FRATERNITY and Manhyia Hospital.
This has never been my style but for a genuine reason to mediate a persistent issue between my daughter(Doctor) and a colleague nurse who I as well consider my daughter.
I do apologize for any mishap and assure all, there shall not be a repetition of such.
I look forward to maintaining a cordial relationship between any affected person.
Best Regards
Opoku-Mensah Alex
NSS Director
Ashanti Region

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