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Marriage is not a measure of achievement – Piesie Esther

Ghanaian gospel craftsman Mrs. Esther Asiedu referred to well in the music space as Piesie Esther has imparted her insight on the establishment of marriage.

Many individuals have the assessment that getting hitched is quite possibly of the best accomplishment throughout everyday life except it appears to be the gospel performer has an alternate assessment on the establishment o marriage.

As indicated by Pieise Esther, albeit certain individuals would have no desire to get hitched for their very own explanation, the Good book, be that as it may, underlined the establishment of marriage.

Piesie Esther anyway has expressed that on the off chance that anybody doesn’t get somebody to wed them, it doesn’t imply that they have not accomplished anything throughout everyday life.

“As for marriage there is no one who wouldn’t like to get married and it is not the desire of anyone to stay without getting married,” she remarked on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM.

She continued “If there are some people who don’t wish to marry that’s fine but I think that if God is able to help you to get married that is great because the Bible says he who finds a wife finds favor with God”.

She stated on the Kastle Drive Show “That doesn’t mean that if you are not married then it means you have not found favor in the presence of God because no one wants to be single forever without getting married.

“But maybe the marriage is not forthcoming so if you are not getting married it doesn’t mean you have not achieved anything in life so to me that’s not how it is but if it comes to all glory be to God,” Piesie Esther added.

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