How I escaped r.ape at the hands of a man who said he wanted to invest in my career- Adez of Mentor fame shares sad story


Ghanaian vocalist Adez who began her vocation as a sponsorship singer has uncovered the inappropriate behavior gone through because of supposed financial backers just to break into the standard.

The vocalist who rose to acclaim on the Guide unscripted TV drama fueled by TV3 in 2017 told Nana Adjoa Arthur, host of Yenko fie on Associate 97.1 FM how men needed to exploit her prior to propelling her music vocation.

Adez said: “It’s not easy for a woman to become a musician in Ghana. You have to be very strong and tough to not fall prey to the order, which is sex for favours. That has been there since, even before I started music. I’m a victim, and it’s not easy. Most of the industry players(men) want to have sex with you before supporting you.”

She said areas of strength for her won and that shielded her against the noxious men.

“My motto has always been that I’ll never sleep with anybody who wants to support me musically. And I stood my ground because I’m a very tough woman. I was nearly raped along the way, but I never gave up on music. I still meet investors who come with lies and huge promises, but at the end of the day, they all want sex. So like I said, if you’re not smart and tough, they will finish you without a deal.”

The vocalist whose complete name is Victoria Adezewa Stirs up likewise referenced that she had signed up for a beading program. however keeps on making music and perform. She implored her adherents to help her work proceeding. Regardless of the difficulties, she guaranteed her devotees that she could never abandon her singing vocation.

“Music is my first love, and nothing can make me stop. Unless I’m old aged and feeble, then, I can decide that yes, it’s time and I’ve done my part. I still perform gigs even tho I’m in school. I have a couple of music with some mainstream artists that will soon be released,” Adez disclosed. “I’m thankful to TV3, the media and everybody who supports me. Please don’t stop.”

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