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Go For Medical Test, Make Result Public – Utomi Dares Tinubu

Political financial specialist Pat Utomi has tried Bola Tinubu to go for a clinical exam and unveil the outcome, guaranteeing the All Moderates Congress (APC) official competitor is ill suited.

Utomi who gave the test on Monday while handling inquiries on Stations TV’s Legislative issues Today, invalidated claims by the APC that Tinubu is good for the post, keeping up with that the signs are there to demonstrate in any case.

“Physically, you can see he is ailing. Let’s not kid ourselves. Let’s be honest. American presidents go through medicals,” he said during the show.

“Let him (Tinubu) go through medicals with Nigerian doctors and make it (result) public.”

His stance, he argued, is because next year’s election and who leads the country is about “the lives of millions of people”.

He stated that the ruling party would have fielded another candidate in the person of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

“Our country has suffered so much from having ailing leaders. That was why I can say here, that was why the Vice President stepped up,” Utomi added, noting that Osinbajo “would have been a fit person”.

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