Kelvyn Boy has a mental problem – Ruthy reveals

As of late in the studios of Hitz FM, Afropop performer Kelvyn boy amazingly made Ghanaians, particularly his devoted fans mindful that smoking is a propensity he doesn’t want to surrender any time soon.

As per him, smoking is crucial for his psychological security adding that, as opposed to the way that smoking can make one distraught, his case is the opposite way around, ceteris paribus!

Talking on Dawn Hitz on Hitz FM, that’s what kelvyn Kid said “no doubt, I smoke. You see the manner in which individuals feel that assuming you smoke you go frantic? Me, on the off chance that I don’t smoke I will go distraught.”

The ‘Down Level’ hitmaker added that he could do without to conceal that piece of him or make a bogus character for the overall population.

Ruthy, a showbiz pundit, responding to Kelvyn Kid’s manner of speaking in the studios of Nhyira FM, shot Kelvyn for making such a free talk.

As per Ruthy, she can’t comprehend the reason why such a promising star could stoop so low to say that he would bite the dust on the off chance that he quits partaking in weed, for the wellbeing of Christ.

Ruthy added that the mother of Kelvyn Kid didn’t take care of him with weed growing up, yet breastmilk which has no weed particles, in this manner, for him to emerge and express out loud whatever he said implies he has a psychological issue and needs a quick exam.

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