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“Obaapa Christy has hidden my child from me” – Ex-husband cries

Minister Love Kweku Hammond, Obaapa Christy’s ex, cases to have not seen their last youngster in over decade.

The last time he saw his child, he guarantees, was the point at which the kid was around two years of age, and the artist hasn’t allowed him to see him from that point forward.

Minister Love shared with Afia Tamakloe on the M’ahyease television program that he has attempted to utilize different strategies to convince her to change her psyche since he needs to have a relationship with his kid, particularly on the grounds that she is responsible for their three youngsters as a whole.

He said that he had pursued the choice to show restraint consistently and had asked dear companions to speak with Obaapa Christy, however she has not yet done as such.

To try not to make a critical issue out of the circumstance, Minister Love expressed that he would have rather not sought after a care question or use one more strategy to see his kids.

He over and again asserted that he needed to quit chasing after the case further.

In any case, the head minister of Activity Elegance Sanctuary brought up that assuming Obaapa Christy continues setting up an obstruction among him and his youngster, he will be constrained to search for elective arrangements, which could prompt more issues.

Before at long last separating from after an especially troublesome separation in court, the couple was hitched for a considerable length of time.

Minister Love has recently expressed his fulfillment with the recurrence with which he visits his youngsters.

In 2019, not long after Obaapa Christy’s subsequent marriage, Minister Love asserted care of their children, claiming disregard on their part.

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