We have everything to produce good movies – Socrate Sarfo


Ghanaian chief, producer, and Chief for Innovative Expressions at the Public Commission on Culture (NCC) Socrate Sarfo has said that the film business has all that to deliver great motion pictures they just need the ideal individuals.

The film business has been languishing over some time and has likewise decreased the creation of their motion pictures. As per Socrates, most producers in the nation can’t fish out the right apparatuses and gear to shoot their motion pictures.

Talking on E-television, Socrates Sarfo expressed that albeit the film business is confronting difficulties as of now, he accepts the film business will quickly return.

“It looks like there is no hope, but I can tell you, everything that we need to produce good content in Ghana we have them. Location, money, whatever, just press the right knobs”, he told the host.

He expressed that one needn’t bother with truckload of cash to shoot a film yet the people who have barely any insight into the film business and goes into it guarantee that shooting a film needs an immense measure of cash.

“If I want to shoot a movie today, I will not go for a loan. I am a filmmaker and I know how to produce it. If you are not part of the system, you will sit somewhere and cry. It doesn’t take money to shoot quality”, he stressed.

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