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Stingy Men association disowns a man who apologized to his woman with a Cheque of N10M, a box of dollars and other expensive items

Social Media is currently buzzing after a Man dropped pictures of the unique way he apologized to his Girlfriend after an offense hit social media. Stingy Men Association have current disowned him after he raised the bar by getting his Girlfriend tons of gifts and a huge sum of Money.

The young lady identified as Emejiaka Joy Chika was overwhelmed with joy as she smiles and pose for the camera. The young man apologized to Emejiaka with a cheque worth N10million, He also gifted her a huge box of $100 bills and also a giant teddy bear tho his offense is still unknown.

Photos of the apology event has left social media stunt as a brief case full of dollar bill with the inscription “I AM SORRY” among other things were spotted in the Picture. Some ladies are currently drooling over it tagging their boyfriends to do same or similar each time they offend then else they would not be forgiven

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