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My Name And Brand Are Well-known By Those In Nigeria – Yaw Tog

Youthful electrifying craftsman Yaw Frock has said that his image and his name are notable in Nigeria than in Ghana.

The youthful craftsman who has been in the music space has returned quickly with his new track named “Sei mu”. Yaw Frock has uncovered the justifications for why he was as of late seen in Nigeria.

Yaw Frock revealed that the Nigerians gave him the gathering and furthermore advanced his cutting edge melody ‘Sore’ which included Stormzy from the UK.

“I went to Nigeria for radio interviews and working on my album too with different artistes and besides I also did some recordings there,” he disclosed in an interview with Amansan Kraye.

He added on the Kastle Drive Show “Going to Nigeria was about my album personally and doing some radio tours for my Sophia song so that was the main reason why I traveled to go and do some works”.

“Nigeria is home and they are family so anytime I go there the love is different and linked up with different artists and the industry people,” he said in an interview on Cape Coast’s Kastle FM.

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