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Too much intercourse can affect the eyes – Ophthalmologist advises Ghanaian Men

An Ophthalmologist and a medical Director at the Dziram Eye Clinic, Dr Charles Mensah Coffie during an Interview has revealed that excessive intercourse can have an effect on the eye. This comes after he was asked if Sexual Intercourse can eyes which he responded positively to it.

In his words, to the question, he said:”Yes it could affect it because in sex sometimes when you have orgasm your BP can go up so if you are ready against and you may have bleeding in your eye.You have to be careful, you have to be easy”

“Yes the Enjoyment is in the orgasm but there are people who have had orgasm and they have had stroke. Because when you have orgasm, your BP goes up actually. So if you already have BP and Your BP controlled then you have orgasm then it goes higher. And that can lead to bleeding in the eye and can cause Stroke”

“Yes You have to be careful because BP leads to Bleeding in the eye. I mean I watch a movie where someone had an orgasm and then he passed out and that was the end of it. They could but I mean they have to, BP when you have BP you go to the hospital, they give you medication to control it, Once its controlled then there’s no problem

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