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Diana Asamoah is Now Out of Control; I Wasn’t in Support of Her Slay Queen Lifestyle – Frimprince

Not very far in the past, Evangelist Diana Asamoah laid out the explanations for her appearing change into a present day kill sovereign.
In her voice, she is killing for Christ and not to satisfy anybody adding that she has developed in Christ and comprehends the expression of God better than before, thus her view of these things has changed.

You all ability Evangelist Diana Asamoah during the pinnacle of her music vocation chastised those particularly Christian women who put on beauty care products to upgrade their look and magnificence.

Yet, at this very moment, Evangelist Diana Asamoah is doing all that she criticized including the utilization of make-up, hairpieces, Facebook Live at 2am, pants, political discussions, and so on.

“You have decided to tag me as a slay queen, but I will turn it into something positive. I will continue to slay. If you want to use that to smear me with something negative and evil, I will turn it into something positive”, Evangelist Diana Asamoah said in an interview.

In any case, her conventional administrator Frimprince addressing Ike of Angel FM distinction has expressed completely that he wasn’t on the side of Diana Asamoah’s kill sovereign way of life, nonetheless, all counsel given her demonstrated worthless.

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