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A Bag of Sachet Water To Sell At 9ghc and 50pesewas For Sachet Effective September 19

On September nineteenth, the National Association of Sachet and Packaged Water Producers (NASPAWAP) will execute another cost increment for their items.

The Association orders that retail water sachets (500 ml, 30 count) be sold from portable candy machines for something like 7. In any case, the most that scaled down shops will charge per pack is nine bucks.

Water in sachets will cost 0.50p, while 500ml jugs will cost $2. Packaged chilled water, 750 ml or medium size, will cost 3.00.

The expansion in fuel costs and the decrease in the worth of the cedi were refered to by NASPAWAP as the purposes behind the cost change in a proclamation delivered on Wednesday.

“The price reviews have been necessitated by the rising cost of inputs such as fuel and packaging materials which are mainly imported, increases in electricity and water which took effect from September 1, 2022.

“At our previous review in March 2022, the dollar was in the region of ¢8.5. Currently, it is inching up to ¢10. Fuel prices have significantly gone up since our last review. It was 9 and now it is ¢14.5, which is a 61 % change since March 23, 2022.”

Portions of the assertion, in any case, advised that there may be slight varieties in costs across the locales because of haulage to remote and far off regions.

The Association further spoke to one and all to help out the vendors since the change is to lessen the creation cost of makers.

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