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Ghanaians Lambast Nana Ama McBrown For Flaunting Her Closet Filled With Designer Shoe

Some Ghanaians have thrashed entertainer and TV have Nana Ama MBrown after she shared a video of her wardrobe loaded up with shoes.

Nana Ama McBrown shared a video of herself on her Instagram page where she was moving to Gospel music while she is in her wardrobe.

While moving to the music in her storage room, she exhibited her shoe assortment, which incorporates everything from tennis shoes to planner heels. Nonetheless, it appears to be the innocuous video has made a many individuals talk.

Some Ghanaians have scrutinized the rationale behind displaying her shoes in her wardrobe to the public very much like other ‘boisterous’ big names are enamored with doing.

@Yaa Kwakyewaa: The moment I saw her video, the only thing that came to mind was “she isn’t doing any yoga, just flaunting her shoes” and so, I stopped watching. I don’t know why these so-called celebrities like to show off like that. Enti you have lots of shoes enti y3ny3 no de3n? When people are struggling to find their daily meal look at what others are doing. Give us a break!

@Hafiza Apple pear: This what an Arab white celebrity will never do because it harm, to keep stuff that someone needs to survive and you keeping it for God knows when. May God bless us with the knowledge that will be a benefit to others so our blessings will be abundant.

@Kofi Nortey: Queen Elizabeth just died and we are mourning wai and remember she is the Queen of England with over $386 billion Gold bars under her watch n not to add the trillion of pounds. Only the wise will understand.

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