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Heart Broken Afia Schwar allegedly gets heavily drunk after her Holland Boyfriend dumped her

Ghanaian Comedian Afia Schwar recently made headlines after she dropped a Video of herself allegedly heavily drunk claiming she was mourning the death of the Britain Queen Elizabeth. Social media users were very shocked as Afia couldnt control herself in the video as she talked Gibberish during the live video.

Tho she claim she was mourning, Popular Instagram blogger those called Celebs has revealed the real reason for her behavior and why she was heavily intoxicated. The blogger claim Afia heart has alleged been broken by her Holland Boyfriend hence allegedly getting drunk to nurse the pain.

Posting the video of Afia heavily intoxicated and using unprintable words in the house while her young daughter Pena is around, The blogger wrote: #pressplay NEWS IN BRIEF: according to soshia media inlaws and source… our Holland husband has ch£at£d on us and brok£n heart is bae… nti our grandma la dr*nk ???‍♀️…. breakfast la served…. wop3 kunu aaa woseee Hollandaise … they can choose shaki over you…?

Please next time….come to Germany ooo… 99% are whites … Ghanafo) kakraabi….but Holland…eeiiii…koo darky nkoaaa nti ogyam will get more to ch£w oooo…. ehu ooo ?❤️

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