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Checkout What Nana Akufo-Addo Penned To Queen Elizabeth Before Her Demise

The inauspicious demise of Queen Elizabeth II has overwhelmed each accessible web region with fresh insight about her passing.

Before then, at that point, data of Queen Elizabeth’s declining wellbeing and situation under clinical observing at Balmoral Castle, her palace in the Scottish Highlands, surfaced on the web.

Sovereign Elizabeth II sadly died, and the Royal family made it known across the media.
The leader of the Republic of Ghana, Nana President Akufo-Addo, reported before her awful passing that Ghanaians are pondering the British Royal family during these difficult times.

The authority Facebook page of the administration shared in this manner;

“My thoughts and the thoughts of all Ghanaians, at home and abroad, are with Queen Elizabeth II, the British Monarch and Head of the Commonwealth, the organization of which Ghana is a proud member, and her family, in these difficult moments. I wish her the best and God’s blessings.”

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